Famous for not being famous.

New CD

Almost Ready Release September 2014

"3" will be Fisher's 8th studio release featuring 21 songs. All songs are heading to mastering September 9-10 and will be released shortly thereafter.
Song titles:
Adages / Aurora / Best Time Of My Life/ Come True / Crazy / Haiku / Hard To Be Her / Home / Hunger Strike / Last Forever / Let Go First (2 versions)/ Never Forget Me / On My Way / Save You / The Dream / The Last Time / The Only Way I Could Let You Go / Water Guns / We All Fall Down

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About us

Fisher IS Kathy Fisher and Ron Wasserman. Formed in 1994, by early 1999 they were the most downloaded band on the net, which scored them a deal with Universal Music. The band stopped touring in 2005, but have continued to release new material every few years. To date, Wasserman has scored over 1200 episodes of television and Kathy Fisher has had a successful EDM career.

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Adress:Los Angeles, California

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